C|ZAM products are intensively tested every day. Fortunately, our lockers, wall systems, wardrobes and benches are not only pretty, but also indestructible.

C|ZAM is at the forefront of technology: products are equipped with finger-safe hinges by default, for example. On top of that, our new SoftClose doors slowly and soundlessly close, which means less noise nuisance.

Of course, C|ZAM products will be custom-made for your project, in any desired colour or setup. A definitive solution for every room!

SoftClose Standing

A C|ZAM novelty we are proud of: Model SoftClose. This showpiece is an improvement of the familiar FS model, thanks to the SoftClose system developed by Leerkotte. This integrated brake system ensures doors close soundlessly. That saves a lot of noise in case of frequent use!

Model SoftClose Standing literally stands on its own feet. This results in extra stability and construction speed: the standing model is very easy to install.

The doors have been limited, so they cannot hit other walls or doors and cause damage. The anodised aluminium one-grip door handle closes the door. It has an available/occupied sign and an emergency opening feature.

The walls are placed in anodised U and T frames and on adjustable aluminium legs covered by a plastic rosette.

  • SoftClose system
  • Finger-safe hinge system
  • Floor can be cleaned easily
  • 180-degree door swing angle

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