SoftClose Privacy

A C|ZAM novelty we are proud of: Model SoftClose. This showpiece is an improvement of the familiar FS model, thanks to the SoftClose system developed by Leerkotte. This integrated brake system ensures doors close soundlessly. That saves a lot of noise in case of frequent use!

The SoftClose Privacy is highly suitable for rooms where privacy is a must. Peeking over or under the panels is impossible with these cubicles. For optimum privacy and a sleek look, the panels can even be fully extended from floor to ceiling.

The doors have been limited, so they cannot hit other walls or doors and cause damage. The anodised aluminium one-grip door handle closes the door. It has an available/occupied sign and an emergency opening feature.

The walls are placed in anodised U and T frames and on adjustable aluminium legs covered by a plastic rosette.

  • SoftClose system
  • Finger-safe hinge system
  • Floor can be cleaned easily
  • 180-degree door swing angle

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